Patrocinium Platform - Transportation and Airports

Transportation and airports face risks to their daily operations from both natural disasters and manmade threats. Manmade threats include terrorism, technology failures, and accidents; which can be caused by physical or cyber acts. Transportation and airports are particularly vulnerable to cyber-attacks because of a growing reliance on cyber-based control, navigation, and communication systems. Any kind of physical or cyber-attack against a transportation system or airport will have physical security ramifications.

Transportation and airports currently rely on antiquated technologies such as audio/visual alarms to notify people during emergencies. Such technologies do not enable responders to see how many people are affected by an incident and where they are located. This slows response and increases confusion and uncertainty for both responders and the public.

The Patrocinium Platform provides transportation and airports with a valuable tool to see who is impacted by an incident in real-time so responders can target their response. Responders can also send security updates to the public and employees through the ArcAngel app, increasing situational awareness and reducing confusion. Accounting for and communicating geotemporal security information to the public reduces uncertainty among all parties, can reduces loss of life, and creates a positive perception of the organization’s handling of the crisis.

ArcAngel Communicate

Account for the Public

Account for the public and provide real-time geotemporal updates via the ArcAngel app to reduce panic and confusion.


Target Response

Activate pre-built geofences to notify the public and employees of emergencies through the free ArcAngel app.

Multimedia - Collect

Collect Information

Collect intelligence from users at the scene via the ArcAngel app and visualize data in ArcLive.

IOT Fire Alarm

Connect to Internet of Things

Connect internet enabled devices such as cameras and fire alarms to the ArcLive dashboard for complete IoT sensor integration.

 Share Information

Share Information

During an emergency, share information in real-time with other responding agencies in order to reduce time to crisis resolution.

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