Patrocinium Platform - Real Estate and Healthcare

Commercial real estate and healthcare companies increasingly faces daunting challenges in providing staff, tenants, and visitors with tools to ensure safety while on-premise. Annually, in the US, venues and companies are faced with over 100,000 commercial fires resulting in $3B in damages, over 300 expected mass shootings, and several acts of terrorism; and these challenges continue to grow. Given these circumstances, Commercial real estate and healthcare companies must determine how to provide a duty of care to ensure the well-being of everyone on-site and effectively act as ‘first responders’ during emergencies. Companies recognize that constant, real-time monitoring and communication capabilities are necessary to achieve this. As such, they continue to make tremendous investments in measures designed to protect the wellbeing of people and resources on their property. The ability to consistently manage these different resource investments and have a complete picture of the situation, with real-time data, continues to be a challenge and divert capital.

Patrocinium's Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution provides such customers with a location and time-aware, three-dimensional, integration-centric, event-driven tool. Our PaaS solution is capable of saving lives, while also assisting real estate and healthcare companies in managing operating costs and minimizing enterprise risk and liability in the event of a crisis. We designed this solution to allow real estate and healthcare companies to improve tenant, public, and employee safety; risk and liability management; resource and asset tracking; team communications; and rich data visualization.

Integrate Sensors

Security can use the ArcLive Dashboard to monitor integrated sensors and alerts such as CCTV, access control, and fire alarms on a daily basis and during emergencies.

Account for Those on Property

When a threat is identified, security sets off the geofence, notifying and accounting for app users inside the area within seconds and visualizing users by floor/safety status in real-time.

Empower Users

ArcAngel app users can see their location in relation to danger as well as designated safe areas and real-time incident updates for enhance situational awareness.

Target Communications

Patrocinium enables multiple layers of communication. Responders can send specific information to key personnel and send other messages to public users inside the geofence.


Record and Save Data

When the emergency is resolved, ArcAngel app users receive an 'all clear' notification, the geofence and users are cleared from ArcLive, and all incident data is saved for digital auditing and reporting.

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