The Northern Virginia Technology Council (NVTC) is the largest technology council in the nation; representing the Northern Virginia technology community. Each year, NVTC holds TechCelebration, its annual banquet. The event features the presentation of the NVTC Tech Awards, which honor groundbreaking companies, leaders, and innovations in the region's technology community.

In 2016, Patrocinium was nominated for and won "Tech Patent of the Year" for our "Interactive Emergency Information and Identification" patent (US9247408B2). A panel of independent intellectual property attorneys, patent agents and other professionals in intellectual property judged nominees on the following criteria.

  • Innovative nature of the technology covered by the patent
  • Social benefit of the patent
  • Economic or financial windfall or potential of the patent
  • Pioneering nature of the patent
  • Patent's inventor(s) being renowned in the field covered by the patent

Patrocinium's Patented Technology

During a catastrophe, people rely on TV, radio, and other forms of media for immediate information. This includes the locations, people involved, responding agencies, and victims. However, current solutions don't provide an immediate flow of event information to individuals in the vicinity. Moreover, conventional solutions cannot provide personalized information and guidelines to those affected or request and receive information from those individuals.

Patrocinium's patented technology provides individuals, enterprises, and responders with an innovative and targeted way to receive and communicate information about an emergency (such as a shooting or fire) in real-time. The Patrocinium Platform provides all parties with enhanced situational awareness during emergencies to empower everyone to make smart decisions.

Responders and Enterprises

  • In case of an emergency, responders/enterprises can locate individuals near the incident using the location services of their smartphone (via the ArcAngel app).
  • Responders/enterprises see a virtual triage of users inside the vicinity (or geofence) of the incident; including which users are "safe" and "not safe".
  • Responders/enterprises communicate internally with their security staff as well as externally with other employees and the public.


  • Individuals can download the ArcAngel app. There is no requirement to register with an enterprise or sign up to receive alerts.
  • Individuals near an emergency receive a notification via the ArcAngel app. They can see their location, the location of the incident, and designated safe areas on a map.
  • They are then prompted to check in as "safe" or "not safe".
  • During the incident, users can send and receive multimedia information to and from responders.

Most importantly, the ArcAngel app automatically works in any building or facility on the Patrocinium Platform. This means that ArcAngel can seamlessly protect users at their job site, on the train, at their hotel, or anywhere in between. In this way, ArcAngel is truly revolutionizing smart security.

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