Patrocinium works with partners across the security and technology industries. Our partners help us provide unique solutions to customers. As a Patrocinium partner, you can provide customers with leading-edge visualization, mobility, and analytics capabilities. We are committed to supporting all of our partners with product education and resource sharing.

Leverage new IoT market space with a disruptive SaaS technology for the opportunity to grow your business and increase profitability.

Our platform integrates with current solutions and existing technologies for easy implementation and cost savings to customers.

We offer a recurring revenue model that drives customer engagement. Patrocinium helps partners grow and scale their business.

Our platform is flexible so you can offer customized packages to increase customer satisfaction and grow your business with tailored solutions.

“Working with Patrocinium is great. I would not want anyone else to provide the visualization for my crisis management platform.” – Partner in Virginia
“Onboarding with Patrocinium is quick. The product is intuitive and easy to use. I wish all of the products I sold were this great!” – Partner in Alaska
“The use cases for ArcAngel are endless! It’s great to have monthly recurring revenue too.” – Partner in Maryland
“I’m excited by all of the opportunities to sell ArcAngel. It easily integrates with many of the products I already sell.” – Partner in the Midwest
“Patrocinium provides an excellent working relationship. They work to support their partners.” – Partner in Minnesota

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