Managed Service Providers


Authorized Managed Service Providers (MSPs) license the ArcAngel platform to provide outsourced security operations center (SOC) services to customers. MSPs use the ArcAngel platform to provide risk monitoring and incident response services for customers who don't have their own SOC. MSPs may also supplement a customer's SOC after hours or serve as a back-up SOC. Our cloud-based platform ensures easy set up and information sharing between MSPs and their customers.

MSPs can manage multiple clients and locations with one streamlined tool; reducing cost of ownership.

Get up and running fast with our fully hosted SaaS solution platform and easily add and manage customers.


Patrocinium provides training to MSPs so they can take full advantage of the ArcAngel platform and provide quality service to their customers.

Our platform integrates seamlessly with IoT sensors and existing solutions for a common operating picture and increased situational awareness.


“The ArcAngel platform sent me security information quickly when I needed it the most. I’m so glad that my company provides this valuable service.” – User in Connecticut
“Everyone with a security operations center needs ArcAngel. We avoided chaos in an emergency using the ArcAngel platform.” – Security Operations Center in the Northeast
“The ArcAngel platform gives our security operation center a better idea of what is happening at various facilities.” – Global Corporation headquartered in Texas
“I love ArcAngel! We have saved valuable time when managing multiple clients by using a single platform.” – Company based in New Jersey
“The communication ability is extraordinary! Checking-in with my staff around the world is much easier.” – Client in Washington, DC

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