Patrocinium Platform - First Responders

First Responders often arrive at the scene with very little or inaccurate information about the incident they are responding to. They frequently rely on a location provided by the caller and get conflicting reports about the incident. Additionally, once first responders engage, there are few tools available for accounting for people on-the-ground in need of help. Both limitations can endanger first responders and increase the time it takes to respond to and resolve the situation.

The Patrocinium Platform solves these challenges by enhancing the emergency response during an incident. Because the Platform is cloud-based, organizations who have implemented the Patrocinium Platform can release information about emergencies on their property to first responders in real-time for compressed response and reduced liability. When first responders are en route, they can view details about where the emergency was triggered and see a 3D virtual triage. As the incident progresses, first responders can receive real-time geotemporal information from those involved.

In addition to providing important information about the emergency, the Patrocinium Platform can also help first responders account for their own personnel in relation to the public in need of help. The incident command center can see the location of all first responders who are inside the geofence of an incident in 2D or 3D. Additionally, our platform enables seamless two-way information sharing between all emergency response stakeholders for a unified incident response.

First Responder Drone

Integrate Sensors

Optimize investment in IoT technology by connecting devices such as cameras, radios, and drones to the ArcLive visualization dashboard.

First Responder Integration

Integrate Data

Integrate information from various data sources, such as open-source social media, in order to enhance situational awareness during emergency response.

First Responder Police Car

Increase Awareness

Gain valuable information about an emergency before arriving at the scene, enabling a more targeted and effective response.

First Responder information share

Share Information

Seamlessly share information  as necessary with all emergency response stakeholders - including property owners and the public - in real-time.


View Recorded Incident Data

When the emergency is resolved, First Responders can view data about the incident including the time, duration, and users involved.

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