Patrocinium Platform - Enterprise

In an increasingly complex security environment, enterprises must often co-manage man-made or natural disasters alongside public safety agencies. An organization's response to an emergency can positively or negatively impact public perception of the organization. Additionally, failure to fulfill duty-of-care obligations may create employee animosity. Even worse, it can leave organizations exposed to legal action such as in the Steve Dennis case.

Current duty-of-care technologies rely on static databases such as traveler itinerary and old communication methods such as email. These technologies don’t account for the dynamic nature of modern business. In today's world, employees are constantly traveling, working from home, or visiting other work sites. Using current technologies, employees often don't receive any real-time security alerts. On the flip side, employees may be inundated with non-relevant information causing notification fatigue and increasing the likelihood of ignoring key notifications when they do occur.

Patrocinium takes an innovative approach to solving this problem. We designed the Patrocinium Platform to enable enterprises to account for employees based on their actual location during emergencies. With our geofencing technology, enterprises can locate and communicate with employees near danger in a highly-targeted way. This increases accountability, reduces liability, and minimizes business disruption.

Integrate Relevant Data

Integrate relevant data feeds such as weather and social media and plot assets such as facilities and travelers in ArcLive to identify risks, manage communications, and resolve incidents from the same console.

Flexible Implementation

The cloud-based ArcAngel platform can be used by internal security, managed by a 3rd party, or a hybrid of both, ensuring our solution works for any size organization.

Target Response

When security team identifies a threat, they can draw a geofence of any shape and size over the impacted area or set off a prebuilt geofence to account for employees in the space.

Empower Employees

Using the ArcAngel app, employees can see their location in relation to danger and safe areas, receive real-time incident updates and communicate with security personnel.

Record and Save Incident Data

When the emergency or danger has ended, employees are alerted through the ArcAngel app, the incident and associated data is cleared from ArcLive, and all incident data is saved for digital auditing and reporting.

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