Patrocinium Platform - Energy and Utilities

Energy and utilities provide essential services to support nation-wide infrastructure. Therefore, sectors such as manufacturing, energy, oil and gas, and water management have special regulations to implement crisis management solutions.

Current solutions provide real-time communications during emergencies, but rely on static information about assets and personnel - such as work schedules or truck routes. Additionally, tools are often 'thick client' meaning they can only be accessed from certain computers. Both of these factors delay response as companies attempt to account for personnel, subcontractors, vendors, and property during an incident.

Patrocinium provides an innovative solution to energy and utilities. With the cloud-based Patrocinium Platform, companies can track real-time locations of critical assets such as trucks and radios daily. When an incident is triggered, security can view the location of company assets and any other relevant data (weather, CCTV, access control etc.), enhancing situational awareness. Additionally, using our single pane of glass, responders can view the real-time location and safety status of people on the property and communicate with key stakeholders. Our solution saves energy and utility companies time and money while safeguarding their facilities, assets, and personnel.


Connect to Internet of Things

Optimize investment in IoT technology by connecting devices such as GPS, radios, and cameras to the ArcLive visualization dashboard for daily visualization and emergency management.

Layers of data

Visualize Layers of Data

Layer structured and unstructured real-time data on an interactive map creating a common operating picture and eliminating the need for multiple tools.


Account for Personnel

During emergencies, accurately account for and communicate with personnel based on their real-time location whether they are in the field, inside a building, or underground.


Comply with Regulations

Align emergency response with national response frameworks and automatically compile incident details for easy digital reporting to regulatory agencies.

 Share Information

Share Information

During an emergency, share information in real-time with key stakeholders - including personnel and first responders - in order to reduce time to crisis resolution.

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