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Educational institutions must take measures to protect the wellbeing of people who attend class, work, or visit their campus. However, posted evacuation plans and alarms do not provide people with targeted, real-time information to keep them safe when incidents occur. In recent cases, alarms have even been used by perpetrators to draw people towards dangerous areas.

Additionally, teachers and responders must be able to communicate in real time with different groups and react dynamic as the situation unfolds. The ability to report and/or resolve an emergency as quickly as possible can be the difference between a well-managed incident and a drawn-out response.

Patrocinium takes an innovative approach to solving this problem by leveraging indoor location and mobile applications to inform people of incidents and how they should take action. With the Patrocinium Platform, school staff can communicate and share real-time information with staff, students, and visitors. A unique 4D capability allows stakeholders to see within buildings to visualize incident information and better understand the situation.

Integrate Sensors

Security can use the ArcLive Dashboard to monitor integrated sensors and alerts such as CCTV, access control, and fire alarms on a daily basis and during emergencies.

Account for Students and Staff

When a threat is identified, security sets off the geofence, notifying and accounting for all app users inside the area within seconds and visualizing users by floor/safety status in real-time.

Empower Users

ArcAngel app users can see their location in relation to danger as well as designated safe areas and real-time incident updates for enhance situational awareness.


Full SDK Available

Easily integrate ArcAngel app functionality (notifications and panic button) into an existing campus mobile apps to increase adoption. No dedicated app is required to implement the Patrocinium Platform.


3D Panic Button

Students and staff tied to your organization can hit a panic button in the ArcAngel app or SDK, which enables them to be located in real-time by floor inside a building (using BLE technology).

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