ArcPulse is an Internet of Things (IoT) integration platform that enables licensed third party APIs to connect to ArcLive. With ArcPulse, organizations can integrate data such as social media and breaking news and visualize IoT sensors such as cameras and access control devices in ArcLive. Additionally, integrated feeds generate automated alerts to notify security personnel of potential risks to operations.

Patrocinium understands that personnel must be able to easily transition from normal to crisis mode without needing to open a different tool; one that they may not be fluent in due to infrequent use. We designed ArcPulse so personnel can monitor daily operations and seamlessly cutover to crisis mode on the same platform.

Data Fusion

Combine open source social media data from Twitter, Weibo, Instagram, etc. with real-time event data for enhanced situational awareness day-to-day and during emergencies.

Smart Integrations

Optimize integration with bluetooth beacons, LED light bulbs, and other hardware devices that can act as a transmitter signaling important information during an emergency.

Incident Intelligence

Organizations and facilities have a single cloud-based platform to visualize information pertinent to daily operations, their personnel, and emergency situations.

Operational Data

Grab data within the perimeter of an emergency to visualize on a single screen quickly triaging the area for a targeted response.

Real-Time Analytics 

Integrate data feeds using APIs to automatically monitor data for trends relevant to your organization for better incident intelligence.