ArcAngel App

Navigation apps empower users to avoid hazards on their route and get to their destination faster. Ride hailing apps empower users to summon a car with the touch of a button. However, there are currently no apps that empower users with vital information when they are near danger.

Patrocinium is filling this critical personal security gap with the ArcAngel app. The ArcAngel app alerts users when they are in danger, displays their location in relation to the incident, and provides real-time updates as they move to safety. With an integrated indoor positioning solution, users can see what floor they are on during an emergency and wayfind to the nearest exit. In certain cases, this can be tied to a vendor app already used on location.

In addition to empowering users, the app empowers property owners with real-time information allowing them to respond faster and increasing awareness. With our solution, responders can also gain valuable situational awareness and can target their response to those in harm’s way sooner.

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Relevant Information

ArcAngel app users receive information about nearby danger and can view their location in relation to danger and safe areas on mobile devices.

Situational Awareness

Responders can receive real-time information about rapidly evolving situations from app users, enabling them to target response and reduce loss of life.

Notify Emergency Contacts

ArcAngel automatically notifies emergency contacts of status and location during an emergency to reduce panic and uncertainty.

Single App for Multiple Locations

ArcAngel app users automatically receive relevant emergency information in any facility or space on the Patrocinium platform without needing to register.

Multimedia Two-Way Communication

Users can communicate with incident responders in real-time by sending status updates through the ArcAngel app.

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