About Patrocinium


We built Patrocinium on the belief that everyone should have easy access to real-time information about their personal safety. The events surrounding the 2013 Boston Bombing sparked the creation of Patrocinium. While watching the chaos unfold, Patrocinium's founder realized there are no tools designed to provide geotagged information to the public during emergencies. This motivated him to develop the Patrocinium Platform to fill this critical gap in today’s complex safety environment.

The 2017 Aon Terrorism & Political Violence Map shows an increase in political violence for the second year in a row and a 14% increase in terrorist violence worldwide. Swiss RE data shows a growing trend in man-made and natural catastrophes including hurricanes, earthquakes, and aviation crashes. As the world is becoming more dangerous and unpredictable, there are few companies developing technologies to address growing security challenges.

Patrocinium started with the simple but innovative idea of empowering people near danger with information using technology that most carry daily – a smartphone. We patented this idea and it is now the core of the Patrocinium Platform. Since then, we expanded the platform to include other IoT technologies such as Bluetooth beacons, to provide better real-time information to responders. We also integrated data feeds into the platform to enhance situational awareness on a global scale.

Our mission is to provide the public and responders with a flexible, cloud-based tool that reduces recovery time, cost, and loss of life. We are working with partners across the security and technology industries to integrate ubiquitous technologies into the Patrocinium Platform. Our goal is to remain at the technological forefront of emergency response.

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